Frozen Anna's Icy Adventure

PDF-file by Elise Allen

Frozen Anna's Icy Adventure PDF ebook download This is a Golden first chapters book recounting the story of Frozen from Anna's perspective, completely in first person.It's definitely a 5-star book because it goes above and beyond what you'd expect from a movie retelling.Anna's personality shines in this book and there are even details that you don't see or appreciate in the film.

"I feel Elsa's arms around me.I can hear her crying.That's weird for a lot of reasons.Elsa doesn't cry and she never puts her arms around me."

My 4-year-old loved being read to a chapter at a time, but it was a bit long for her.Older children who are making their way through chapter books should love this.Also included are a few well-done if simple illustrations.

eBook Frozen Anna's Icy Adventure

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