Halloween Frights, Volume I

PDF-file by Jessy Marie Roberts

Halloween Frights, Volume I PDF ebook download A spooky collection of 13 short stories. Halloween Frights (Volume 1) includes: Witch Apples by Mark Souza, Ghost Ship by Marc Sorondo, Isabella by Reina Sobin, Home Haunt by Wednesday Silverwood, Kids Playing Monster by Patrick Shand, Final Bequest by Gwen Mayo, A Haunting at Vanguard Point by Rekha Ambardar, Fire Insurance, Inc. by Sarah E. Glenn, Web of Terror by Martin T. Ingham, The World is Full of Horrible People by Eric Dimbleby, All Grown Up by Gerald Costlow, Heads by Sean E. Graham & A Fable of the Hinterland by Miles Boothe.

eBook Halloween Frights, Volume I

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