In Care Of

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In Care Of PDF ebook download With IN CARE OF, my journey along THREE ROADS HOME is complete. I read these stories separately, but they do go together, each story exploring love and threatened relationships. Here, Steven Conroy is an author on the rise with a wife and two children. But just as the comfort of fourteen years of marriage begins to feel neglectful and less exciting, he receives a letter from a past love, rekindling thoughts about a relationship that never experienced closure.
Travis once again writes a story with characters and situations you can't but help immerse yourself into. This time though was a more dangerous ride...I found myself rooting on Steven's bad decisions and risky behavior to find out more about Nicole, then chastising him over them for Isabel's sake. In the end it makes for a very exciting story that feature little anecdotes, little moments that make you see and appreciate the larger picture in our own lives.

eBook In Care Of

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