Getting Your Child From No to Yes

PDF-file by Jerry L. Wyckoff

Getting Your Child From No to Yes PDF ebook download "Getting Your Child From 'No' to 'Yes' "helps parents gain their children's cooperation by offering practical, peaceful alternatives to nagging, bribing, or threatening. Written by the authors of the number-one non-violent discipline book in North America, "Discipline Without Shouting Or Spanking" (more than 700,000 copies in print), this book provides practical, peaceful solutions to 65 of the most common "I don't wanna" preschool behavior problems including getting out of bed in the morning, dressing, bathing, brushing teeth, and getting ready for bed, all without fussing or fighting. Readers will find simple, easy-to-use strategies to combat constant dawdling and refusals without using loss of temper or composure.

eBook Getting Your Child From No to Yes

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