Ghost of a Whisper (Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter, #2)

PDF-file by Beth Dolgner

Ghost of a Whisper (Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter, #2) PDF ebook download Ghost of a Whisper: Book 2 of the Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter Series

Life is good for Betty "Boo" Boorman. Things are going great with her demon boyfriend Maxwell, and her paranormal investigation team is busier than ever as Halloween approaches. But things go to hell—literally—when Maxwell is banished by a demon hunter. As Betty tries to cope with her grief, another demon enters her life, and he offers her a deal: Betty's soul for Maxwell's rescue. Time is running out for Betty to make a decision, and the ghosts of Savannah, Georgia, aren't making the task any easier. Cryptic messages from the ghost of a little girl seem to be directed at Betty, but are they a warning or a plea for help?

The Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter Series
Ghost of a Threat
Ghost of a Whisper
Ghost of a Memory

Ghost of a Hope

eBook Ghost of a Whisper (Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter, #2)

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