Spirit Rescue

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Spirit Rescue PDF ebook download From centuries-old battlefields to present-day disasters, Wilma Davidson has coaxed countless earthbound spirits - confused children, loyal soldiers, malevolent entities and stubborn Titanic passengers - to "the Light." In recounting her extraordinary experiences, she brings warmth, honesty and humour to a subject often avoided and misunderstood: death. This revealing testimonial to the spirit world aims to create awareness, offer credibility and bring comfort to those who fear crossing over. Davidson's poignant and insightful stories fill in little-known details about ghosts, animal spirits, non-human entities, near-death experiences, angels and reincarnation. The author also introduces an entire cross-section of the paranormal - spiritual healing, psychic protection, dowsing, astral travel, feng shui, geopathic stress - and gives practical advice for those who wish to follow in her footsteps.

eBook Spirit Rescue

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