Life Calling

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Life Calling PDF ebook download Some people think that vocation is just for special people but God calls us all to live our lives shaped and directed by his call. This course for small groups explores the meaning of vocation for everyone. It offers five interactive sessions:
Called by God: The shape of God's call in Scripture
Called from within: Drawing out the call and gifts that God has planted in us
Called out: How God sets us free from everything that stops us responding to God's call.
Called up: Understanding how God calls us to join in with his loving care of the world.
Called on: how we can grow in our sense of calling beyond the end of the course. This course helps people to embark on an adventure with God - a journey through life in which we make a contribution to the world around us. Each session contains enough material for a 90-minute session and includes:
Guidelines and full background notes for leaders
Interactive activities
Discussion starters
Multi-media ideas e.g. film and music
Resources for worship Each group member will need a copy of the book."

eBook Life Calling

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