The Unpublished Poetry of Charles Wesley, Vol. I

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This is Volume I of a three-volume edition of the unpublished poetry of Charles Wesley. By most estimates, Charles Wesley wrote about 9,000 hymns and poems. Some 4,600 of these hymns and poems were published during his lifetime, and an additional 3,100 were published posthumously. Some 1,300 will appear for the first time in these volumes. The Unpublished Poetry of Charles Wesley thus represents the first major collection of his verse to be published since George Osborn's 13 volume edition of the Poetical Works of John Wesley London, (1868-1872).

The three volumes in this series will include all of Charles Wesley's known unpublished poems, as well as those which do not appear in full in Osborn's edition or in subsequent collections of Wesley's verse. These volumes will constitute an invaluable resource for all college, university, and theological school libraries, for students and teachers of theology, church history, and English literature, and for the devotional life and personal faith of Christians across the world.

eBook The Unpublished Poetry of Charles Wesley, Vol. I

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