Big-Enough Anna

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Big-Enough Anna PDF ebook download Children love to read about imaginary places, people, and animals.

But, it is important to also read them, stories about real life adventures.

This book, Big-Enough Anna, describes how little Anna was able to help Pam Flowers journey over 2500 miles through the frozen Arctic!

I have always been fascinated by Alaska and the Arctic so when I saw this book at the bookstore, I immediately picked it up! I am so glad I did because the story is engaging for both adults and children.

The map at the end helps little ones realize how long the journey was.The illustrations bring the story to life.

I also enjoyed seeing photographs of the real Anna and her sled-mates in the Afterward of the book.

For added fun, Anna's paw is on the frontpiece of the book. Love that!

I will most likely be reading the full novel this children's book is taken from.I would like to learn more about their adventure.

eBook Big-Enough Anna

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