How to Be Born Again

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How to Be Born Again PDF ebook download husband to Ruth Bell Graham
father of Ruth Graham, Gigi Graham Tchividjian, & Anne Graham Lotz, Nelson, & Franklin Graham

Dr. Billy Graham has authored more than 26 books.

Which include:

The Journey (2006)
Hope for Each Day (2002)
Just As I Am (Autobiography - 1997)
Storm Warning (1992)
Hope for the Troubled Heart (1991)
Facing Death and the Life After (1987
Approaching Hoofbeats: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1983)
Till Armageddon (1981)
The Holy Spirit (1978)
How to Be Born Again (1977)
Angels: God's Secret Agents (1975)
The Jesus Generation (1971)

Billy Graham's Son, Franklin Graham has taken the reigns of his ministry.

Billy Graham was married to Ruth (Bell) Graham until her death in 2007.Ruth Graham, was born Ruth Bell inQingjiang, Kiangsu, China.Ruth's parents were her parents, Dr. and Mrs. L. Nelson Bell, were medical missionaries at the Presbyterian Hospital which was located 300 miles north of Shanghai, China.He was married to Ruth from 1943 until her untimely death in 2007.

Dr. Billy Graham has five children:Franklin, Nelson, Virginia, Anne and Ruth.

Dr. Graham was born William Franklin "Billy" Graham, Jr. born on November 7, 1918.He has served as an American Christian evangelist.Dr. Graham was ordained as a Southern Baptist minister, who celebrated "star power" type of fame in 1949. He owes his star power to William Randolph Hearst and Henry Luce. In the early days, his sermons were broadcasted on the radio.When television became a mainstream media, he became a household name being broadcasted globally via the television. In fact, his messages continue to be broadcast via satellite globally and re-broadcast on nearly a daily basis.He's known for having served many of President's, Political Leaders, Civil Leaders, and abroad.He's met with heads-of-state throughout this globe, as well as, religious leaders and figures of not only "Christian" religions, but many other religious entities.

Dr. Graham owes his conversion to the late great Billy Sunday. Billy Sunday was was an American athlete who had a rise to prominence as an outfielder in baseball's National League in the 1880s. Billy Sunday was a remarkable evangelist of his time.

Dr. Billy Graham known to the greater "Christian" community, writes about his conversion in his book, "Just As I Am" published by HarperCollins in 1997.,, and ~ Wheaton College

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