Dragon's Fire (Pern, #19)

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Dragon's Fire (Pern, #19) PDF ebook download Todd is really grasping to find problems for Pern to deal with that don't involve some form of lord holder misbehavior.This time it's firestone that explodes when it touches any amount of water (sweat included, yet the moisture in dragons' mouths doesn't make it erupt somehow).So they have to solve this problem somehow.That seems like a stretch to me, but I'm not prepared to reject this book on that reason alone.

The worse problem in my opinion is that none of the characters in this book seem to have any reason for the things they do or feel.Why does the main male lead take a liking to the girl he does, for instance?He has a fine speech about it at the end of the book but the words are coming from a place that doesn't exist on this plane of reality.

This is where I decided to stop reading novels of Pern, and from what I've seen on the shelves I'm not regretting it.The chief problem in the next two novels I saw was a plague.We had a plague in the last novel.That's three plagues in 4 books.Come on.

eBook Dragon's Fire (Pern, #19)

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