The Angel of Wessex

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The Angel of Wessex PDF ebook download Christabel was a woman of her times, conceived in a reckless moment of passion, born into splendour but sent out as a baby into the poverty of the Victorian countryside, where runes, spells and folklore survived alongside growing mechanisation in the fields. All was change and turmoil, the ways of the past in conflict with the industrial revolution. Yet her humble childhood could not prevent the honest beauty of her character from emerging, transforming the girl into a complex woman ready to face all that life had to throw at her. She knew nothing of the circumstances of her birth and cared even less for wealth, but a series of events would eventually make her choose between position and helping others of her kind surviving on the edge of starvation. She knew she would die rather than betray her beliefs, yet the people she most helped were often those who caused her most harm. The Angel of Wessex begins in 1877, when a family is destroyed by unnatural folklore. A new legend is created. Beginning on Dartmoor, much of the novel takes place in Dorchester and at Cerne Abbas.

eBook The Angel of Wessex

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