Introducing Fascism and Nazism

PDF-file by Stuart Hood

Introducing Fascism and Nazism PDF ebook download Unsurprisingly WWII-centric and slyly, if unpologetically leftist. This isn't to say it's revisionist- just some facts concerning Fascism are surreptitiously not.presentedIrregardless, this leaves it oddly unprescient with all the Right-Wing developments occurring recently. And on the other side of the coin, concerning previous neo/reactionary Nazi revivals which he does discuss in the book (a few examples given in Germany and the UK), his lazy ass for some reason ignores the rise of the George Lincoln Rockwell's American Nazi Party.

As much as the author derides Fascism, he casually fails to illustrate that the other side was unsurprisingly just as bad or to even mention the positive attributes of it. To bad the craven author failed to positively mention Fascism's noble protection of the arts against vile degeneracy. A lack of such authoritarian measures gives us the Hannah Montana drivel and perversions gobbled wholesale by impressionable youths, and their moms that brought them there! How horrifying! Constrast this with, the recent censoring of a pro LGBT book in wealthy and equally authoritarian Singapore.

It features great artwork irregardless. And a fun if pueriley pointed polemic in a panoramic perspective of recent history.

eBook Introducing Fascism and Nazism

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