The Magic of White Oak Lake (White Oak Lake, #2)

PDF-file by Robin Alexander

The Magic of White Oak Lake (White Oak Lake, #2) PDF ebook download Love’s potion is once again being brewed in the next installment of the White Oak Lake series. The matchmakers have found a new project in Leslie Parker when she rents Morgan Chassion’s cabin. As always, the intentions are good when Clarice Minden and her cohorts begin to work their magic, but sometimes things just don’t go as planned and the results are disastrously funny.

All the while Morgan and the love of her life, Jaclyn, are on hand to smooth out the wrinkles.

The Magic of White Oak Lake isn’t found in the waters there or potions concocted in Clarice’s kitchen, it’s found in the people who have a great capacity to love. Grab a cup of tea, find a comfortable spot and enjoy some southern hospitality with dashes of humor, love, and compassion.

eBook The Magic of White Oak Lake (White Oak Lake, #2)

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