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Reflective Spin PDF ebook download The new millennium brings with it new challenges and possibilities. A globalised world in which education will be the key to cross-national relations necessitates a fundamental understanding of the way education is practised in different cultures across the world."The Reflective Spin" is the "first" book of its kind about university teachers, about professionals sharing their experiences in improving learning and teaching practices. The writers of the cases generously share their concerns, struggles, knowledge and insights as they examine the values, assumptions, presuppositions and perspectives about learning and teaching in higher education. Readers will benefit from this sharing of a new reflective experience in a multi-layered, multi-faceted and multi-perspective context.Contents: Preface to the Reflective Spin "(S Gopinathan)"Dialogue: How to Reflect in a Group "(E H Schein)"Landscaping the Reflective Spin "(A-Y Chen)""Perspectives and Contexts of Reflection: "Reflecting on the Reflective Practitioners "(R Pring)"Storying and Restorying Ourselves: Narrative and Reflection "(D J Clandinin & F M Conelly)"Case Studies: Why, Now, More Than Ever, Cases Are Important "(J Van Maanen)"The Contexts that Transform Learning "(A-Y Chen & J James)""Reflecting on Self and Text: "Confession of a Recovering Classroom Talking Addict "(L Schmier)"Teacher Knowledge and Classroom Teaching "(A Watson)"Embedding Chinese Classical Ideas in a Business Law Course "(S-L Loi & J Teo)"Cross-Cultural Reading: The Case of King Lear "(K Singh)""Learning in Community: "Teacher Perspectives: As a Tool for Reflection, Partnerships and Professional Growth "(C Bennett)"Reflective Classroom Practice: Case Studies of Hong Kong Student Teachers "(O W Y Kwo)"A Teacher's Use of the Reflective Process in Implementing Cooperative Learning "(C K-E Lee & M Ng)"Group Learning for Doing Case Studies in an Engineering and Technology Management Course "(Z-Q Liao & A-Y Chen)"The Reflection on a Masters of Educational Administration Programme "(M Neville)"Reflecting on University Teaching Practices "(M O'Neill)""Educating the Larger Life: "Educating the Larger Life "(L Breslow)"Solving Problems in a Saturated Dental Curriculum "(L-P Lim)"Accounting for Manufacturing: Reflecting on the Grading System "(F Kofman)"Reflection on 44 Years of Teaching "(H Mehlinger)"The Continual Dialogue on the Reflective Spin "(A-Y Chen & J Van Maanen)"
Readership: Lecturers and professionals in universities, polytechnics and colleges.

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