Last Chance for Golden Star (Diablo, #6)

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Last Chance for Golden Star (Diablo, #6) PDF ebook download I think this book must be part of a series for Advanced Intermediate/Early Adolescent readers.All the books have to do with horses, young love, teenage friendship, and the like.This particular book has four friends go off to visit a wealthy horsewoman whose granddaughter needs some young people with whom to go riding.There are some plot twists—sunstroke, twisted ankle, one horse attacking another, etc.—and eventually everyone ends up in the mountains with a mare who is delivering her foal right on the edge of a cliff (a true cliff-hanger, this one!).It's so implausible that I was left sort of "numb" about it, but I could see that it would appeal to its intended audience.

eBook Last Chance for Golden Star (Diablo, #6)

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