Savage Hulk, Vol. 2

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Savage Hulk, Vol. 2 PDF ebook download Fan-favorite Gabriel Hardman follows the legendary Alan Davis as Marvel conti nues showcasing the Hulk's savage side! It's a Crossroad of Destruction as we travel back to a time in Hulk's life when he was mindless, enraged, and unstoppable! Banished to a realm between dimensions by Earth's Mighti est Heroes, Hulk is no longer a threat to Earth...but, free of Bruce Banner's calming influence, what damage will the Hulk do to other worlds? Has the mindless brute destroyed an entire civilization? And what is the Hulk without his humanity? Even guest star Doctor Strange can't stop him now! COLLECTING: SAVAGE HULK 5-10

eBook Savage Hulk, Vol. 2

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