Sultans of Swat

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Sultans of Swat PDF ebook download "Ruth and Gehrig and DiMaggio and Mantle were great, that's for sure. But what people forget is how much each guy loved the game. Each gave everything he had to baseball. Each helped make Yankee history and tradition."
—From the Introduction by Yogi Berra

Sultans of Swat tells in dramatic words and vintage black and white photographs the stories of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, and Mickey Mantle: the four legendary New York Yankee Hall of Famers. The Babe's 700th home run, Gehrig's farewell "Luckiest Man" speech, DiMaggio's fifty-six-game hitting streak, Mantle's triple crown—all are here, in a book all baseball fans will treasure. Featuring:
* The original New York Times coverage of the greatest events in the careers of four of baseball's greatest sluggers
* Classic photographs throughout
* Stats, obituaries, and more
* Coverage from some of the best sportswriters of the Times.
Whether Yankee fans—or any baseball fan—find themselves drawn to the amazing careers of the "Mick," the "Yankee Clipper," the "Iron Horse," or the "Sultan of Swat" himself, there's no end of material to pore over and delight in.

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