The Gina Trilogy

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The Gina Trilogy PDF ebook download During lunch at DC’s premier power restaurant, the striking brunette journalist Gina can't take her eyes off a rugged and mysterious man on the other side of the dining room. But in this restaurant, intrusions into the patrons’ privacy are forbidden. Gina is determined to find out who he is. Though she senses danger, she feels compelled to meet him. Her schemes, which include enticing the imperious maitre d’ with Cuban cigars and seducing the restaurant owner, end in success – disastrous success. Instead of the relationship with a charismatic man that she expected, Gina is plunged into a miasma of international power.

The mystery man, Ward, saves her from an Arab Sheikh. To her horror, she realizes the fulfillment of her desires could be much worse. Ward takes charge of Gina’s life, subjecting her to physical and mental changes she could not previously have imagined. Yet her relationship with Ward is the most profound and gratifying of her life. She soon finds herself reacting with the need of a disciple to his strange attentions.

Some of the most powerful leaders in the US are committed, Gina discovers, to shocking secret endeavors. A research lab, under the direction of Dr. Roland, tailors women to a multiplicity of specific requirements. And Gina has become one of them. Though the world might perceive Gina’s transformation as bizarre, for the conspirators she has become a rare and valuable commodity.

Thus Gina is lured away by Amani, a powerful Arab priest with mystical powers. To retrieve her, in Gina Lost, Ward must travel to Saudi Arabia, to a Sheikh’s desert palace built on top of a secret ancient city. The complex plot to save her enlists the aid of Gina’s former lover, a retired Navy SEAL, now a senior US government official, and his cohorts. Ward must promise Amani a replacement for Gina, so introduces Amani to Dr. Roland. Amani recognizes that Dr. Roland is the ideal partner for his grand and nefarious spiritual plan.

Finally in book three, Gina Pawn, Gina is back in the US. Ward’s involvement in the secret society increases. The society allows Gina to see that its members have infiltrated the highest level of the business and political worlds. Yet she is helpless against them. Wherever she goes she cannot avoid their attentions. They ultimately involve her in a plot against a former US Vice President and his son.
Gina’s stories are a beautifully written masterpiece of the dark and bizarre, with graphic depictions woven though suspenseful plots that will keep readers turning pages until the very end. However, if you do not like extremes of darkness, strangeness and political incorrectness you will not like this book. Not for everyone!

The individual books in this trilogy were previously published in the UK in 2005.

eBook The Gina Trilogy

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