The Wolfs Maine

PDF-file by Jinni James

The Wolfs Maine PDF ebook download Out of Print. Re-released as Shifting Hearts.

Avalon felt like her life was set on repeat. Every new day was just like the one before until Avalon's friends talk her into venturing out and leaving her dead end marriage behind. Little did she know that she would meet her soul mate face to face and that he would ignite a desire in her that she never knew existed. John had been watching over Avalon ever since her parents died when she was three but she had no clue. She had only been talking to him online for two years. She slowly learns that there is a whole world and a whole story she had not known about involving every one she knows and cares for. Her husband Nicholas is not the man she thought him to be, if he is a man at all and John seems to be more than he lets on as well. Avalon soon discovers the hidden truths but can she handle it? With Nicholas seeking vengeance can John and her friends help her?

eBook The Wolfs Maine

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