The Crooked House of Coins

PDF-file by Jeff Chapman

The Crooked House of Coins PDF ebook download "The Crooked House of Coins" combines that eerie feeling of Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily" with Poe's penchant for the obsessive - all within a ghostly and fearful setting a la Stephen King! Not that this story has it all, but it has one thing done well: a sense of suspense that drives the story to an unearthly finish.

Chapman's purposeful prose is descriptive and evocative, if at times expansive. His writing can be complex, but as a writer myself, I found myself trusting his syntax to lead me deeper into the story's premise, which he does admirably. I'm a plot-driven reader and I enjoyed the ghost story within the context of a mysterious treasure hunt. Given the tension between the two characters and a spooky backstory, this story could easily be the seed to a longer novel. Four and a half stars and a recommended read for a lunch break at work!

eBook The Crooked House of Coins

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