It's Not Fair!

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It's Not Fair! PDF ebook download This book addresses the fact that time-poor parents may push their bright children to achieve academically but often pay little attention to their social skills, with the result that when these children reach their teens and are making decisions on their own about complex adult issues such as sexual activity, drugs and alcohol etc, they will lack the maturity or life experience to negotiate such issues effectively and may get hurt and damaged along the way. This insightful and practical book is aimed at parents of preteens who have bright, risk-taking, independent children who are hard to rein in. It will help parents to identify and handle areas of concern before they become problems. Chapters cover risks, communication and support, boundary setting, saying 'no', self esteem and the art of 'being happy', preparing your child to negotiate the key issues faced in adolescence, encouraging personal responsibility and much more.

eBook It's Not Fair!

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