The Miracle of Kindness

PDF-file by James R. Kok

The Miracle of Kindness PDF ebook download "The Miracle of Kindness is more than a book. It is a zealous prayer to ignite people with a passion to brighten the world. Miracles of kindness are happening all around you. If you look for them, you will see them—to your left or right, or even right in front of you.

The Miracle of Kindness is a comprehensive illumination of Dr. Kok’s entire vision for the Care and Kindness movement. This handbook will continue to serve as a reference and a valuable resource as you become an “Ambassador of Kindness.” The practical tips provided will equip you to increase your sensitivity to the cares of the people you meet every day. The book is full of care and kindness anecdotes, illustrating how small acts delivered daily can brighten the world. Such behavior is the Spirit of Christ flowing through ordinary souls.

A discussion guide draws out the key concepts and stimulates thoughts on how to apply Dr. Kok’s concepts to everyday living.

“Jim Kok has made ‘Care and Kindness’ a central theme in his influential ministry, and this book makes it clear why we should all be grateful for that. In a world regularly torn apart by unkind and uncaring acts—both big and small—we need the wisdom contained in this book, with its practical guidance, inspiring examples, and profound reflections on the compassion of God.”
—Dr. Richard J. Mouw
President and Professor of Christian Philosophy
Fuller Theological Seminary"

eBook The Miracle of Kindness

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