One Year with Jesus

PDF-file by James C. Galvin

One Year with Jesus PDF ebook download Okay, I admit that I started this book at the beginning of January, 2011, with the intention of reading one devotion every day for the entire year. Didn't succeed. Book got put aside. Ended up on my bookshelf, where I came across it again a month or so ago. Noticed that the book mark was still in "July". Decided that I should finish this, but since the "one devotion a day" route didn't work for me, I just decided to read it when I wanted to, and read as many days of devotions as I wanted to. That worked better for me.

So it took me 3 1/2 years to finish a one year book. Oh well. The devotions are nice, all focusing chronologically on the New Testament life of Jesus. They are easy to read, and focus on the Gospel events, with commentary and scripture reference.An enjoyable read, that I will keep on my shelf. I just won't make myself ever read it on the book's schedule!

eBook One Year with Jesus

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