Jay's Journal of Anomalies

PDF-file by Ricky Jay

Jay's Journal of Anomalies PDF ebook download A love letter to old playbills and an extinct era of sideshows, carnivals and conmen, this is the quaintest and coolest creation.

Originally published as a small, quarterly newsletter now compiled as a single volume, Jay reproduces old handbills and digs up buried texts to examine a range of curiosities from past centuries. Flea circuses, early automata, and the seedy origins of bowling are just some of the strange subjects that he dives into with obvious gusto.

Jay reproduces not only the look of old texts, revelling in the layout of type and reproduction of ancient handdrawn promotional material, he also writes in the style of a 19th century academic. His enthusiasm and the deep research and love he has for his subjects come through very strongly.

The book is a lovely little artifact of artifacts.

eBook Jay's Journal of Anomalies

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