Flame (The Chadwick Sisters, #1) (The Chadwick Sisters, #1) (Zebra Lovegram)

PDF-file by Evelyn Rogers

Flame (The Chadwick Sisters, #1) (The Chadwick Sisters, #1) (Zebra Lovegram) PDF ebook download Some fires are lit by desire...

Lovely Flame Chadwick was bound for the sun-scorched trails of West Texas in search of her charming, high-born fiancé. He'd taken her innocence in a fleeting moment of passion and had ridden out of her life...leaving her to bear his child.

...And some by love.

Waiting on the lawless frontier was a very different kind of man. Honor-bound to grant a friend's dying request, rugged army scout Matt Jackson agreed to a marriage—in name only—to a headstrong beauty called Flame.

Both can break a woman's heart.

Lean of body, broad of shoulder, bold of spirit, Matt promised Flame protection...yet soon a white-hot fire was tempting them both to surrender to desire. In a land of outlaws and Indians, Flame would have to learn to trust this handsome stranger she called husband. Only then could she face an enemy who threatened all her dreams—and surrender her heart to glorious, untamed love!

eBook Flame (The Chadwick Sisters, #1) (The Chadwick Sisters, #1) (Zebra Lovegram)

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