Managing Pain Before It Manages You, Fourth Edition

PDF-file by Margaret A. Caudill

Managing Pain Before It Manages You, Fourth Edition PDF ebook download Hundreds of thousands of readers have found help and hope for getting their lives back from chronic pain in this pathbreaking workbook. Top pain specialist and physician Margaret A. Caudill spells out 10 steps that can radically change the way pain sufferers feel—both physically and emotionally. From finding the best treatments to coping with flareups, solving everyday problems, and harnessing the power of relaxation techniques, the book is packed with tested solutions that users can tailor to their own needs. The fully updated fourth edition incorporates important advances in pain management and mind-body medicine. It features new content on mindfulness, a "Quick Skill" section in each chapter with simple exercises that can have an immediate impact, updated supplementary reading and resources (including smart phone apps), and more. Practical tools include MP3 audio downloads and easy-to-use worksheets that purchasers can now download and print.

eBook Managing Pain Before It Manages You, Fourth Edition

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