Inventor McGregor

PDF-file by Kathleen T. Pelley

Inventor McGregor PDF ebook download Inventor McGregor can invent most anything that needs
inventing, from a barking bag for the postman to bouncing
boots for wee Willie. At his home workshop, McGregor never
knows when inspiration will hit: while surrounded by his cheery
wife and children, singing a song, or painting a picture. "Just
imagine how many more gadgets and gizmos you'll be able to
think up with a clear head and no distractions," says the
president of the Royal Society of Inventors, inviting him to
work in the city. So why, in his new laboratory, is McGregor
unable to think of a thing?

Rich language that skips and jumps combined with lively,
detailed art brings this delightful story home to young readers
and their parents.

eBook Inventor McGregor

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