The History of Embraer/A Historia Da Embraer

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The History of Embraer/A Historia Da Embraer PDF ebook download From the early triumphs of pioneering aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, to the brand-new and revolutionary Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 executive jets, Brazil has always been at the forefront of aerospace technology. In 1969, the Brazilian government created Embraer, ensuring the country's continuing commitment to the field of aviation. Renowned for its innovative aircraft and dedication to customer service, Embraer has grown into a leader in the regional airline market, with popular models ranging from the ERJ 145 and EMBRAER 170/190 families to a growing portfolio of business aircraft. The company also introduced the world's first ethanol-powered aircraft manufactured in series: the EMB 202A Ipanema.

After its privatization in 1994, Embraer experienced a sharp rise in growth, coming to enjoy a prominent position in the airline market, and aggressively entering the executive aviation market, while maintaining its historic military alliance with new models such as the KC-390 tanker and in-

eBook The History of Embraer/A Historia Da Embraer

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