Manda Makes It Hot

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Manda Makes It Hot PDF ebook download From the sexy mind of erotica author Manda Morales comes five red hot stories for your reading pleasure!

1. The Cheerleader Gives It All Up: A Rough Sex Erotica Story

All the boys want to get in my pants, but they just don’t get to, at least not until they treat me right for several dates. Don’t let that make you think I’m a tease. Hell no! I may be a cheerleader, but I’m not stuck up, and if I go out on a date, the boy’s getting off. It’s just he’s going to get off because of what I do with my hands or my mouth and nothing else. Dominic didn’t understand my rules, and by the time he was through with me, I wasn’t in any shape to cheer at all!

2. Cum Slut: A First Lesbian Experience

Right out of the shower, all of her stress gets to be too much, and when Krissy collapses under the weight of her cash flow problems, she never expects her roommate to come to her rescue. Andrea hears her crying in her bedroom, though, and thus their relationship changes forever. Andrea doesn’t ever have cash problems and pays the rent, the bills, and her tuition payments without a blink. So why is she in such good shape? Krissy is about to learn exactly what Andrea does for a job, and the images Andrea paints are second only to the way she brings Krissy’s body to new heights of pleasure.

3. Evening Wife Swap: A First Time Swinger Sex Erotica Story

Ari and Jenny have plans. Their husbands know nothing about it, but these two beautiful women are about to show their men what it means to enter the world of wife swap adventures. In this case, it starts in the hot tub with a bit of exhibitionism, but by the end of the evening, the four will explore each other with plenty of rough sex and the girls’ first lesbian sex experience.

4. Stranger Sex in the Park: A Public Sex Erotica Story

I had to sell a bunch of subscriptions if I was going to make it to the trip right before my freshman year in college, and it was tough. When I biked home just a few days before the contest ended, I ran into a handsome stranger. The conversation was kind of funny, but a slip of my tongue sent me on an erotic journey I had never expected. It was rough sex with a man I’d never met before. Hell, I didn’t even know his name! Plus, it all happened at the park where anyone might have come by and see me!

5. The Professor Wanted to Watch: A Teacher/Student Erotica Story

I wasn’t the best student in the world. Hell, to be honest, I was a pretty horrible student. So, when Professor Jones offered me an opportunity to fix my grade, I jumped at it! After all, I only had to get undressed and touch myself in front of him. It wasn’t a bad idea. It was just masturbating, and hell, I knew how to do that. So why in the world was it turning me on so much, and why in the hell did his cock end up in my throat?

Warning: These ebooks contain very explicit descriptions of various sexual encounters. They include teacher/student sex, rough sex, lesbian seduction, swinger sex, first lesbian sex, public sex, stranger sex, oral sex, masturbation, rough oral sex, forced deepthroat, reluctant semen swallowing, descriptions of semen splattering and cum facial humiliation. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

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