Vampire Romance - Erotic Vampire Sex Story

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Vampire Romance - Erotic Vampire Sex Story PDF ebook download #1 Bestselling Kindle author Sky Ashton has chosen ten of her favorite sexy stories to include in her Short and Sweet Sky Ashton Singles. This collection is a fun way to taste the delightful sensuality of your guilty pleasures without over indulging.

A Vampire Romance: “I desired nothing more than to reciprocate this deep, yet dark craving that lived within us both. I slid down his body, kissing him, licking him, nibbling on his lukewarm flesh."


Sexacapades: Six Sizzling Short Stories Volume 1

Sexcapades is a series of salacious stories about lust and desire. If you have ever fantasized about bedding a hunky bachelor after buying him off the auction block or falling prey to the dangerous charm of a vampire’s thirst for passion, this book will tantalize your tastebuds and have you licking your lips. Written in first person, these stories allow you to become the naughty character who seduces with her sexual prowess.

eBook Vampire Romance - Erotic Vampire Sex Story

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