Martin Luther Preacher of the Cross

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Martin Luther Preacher of the Cross PDF ebook download There are many ways to approach Jesus; many ways to worship God and people often emphasize parts of Scripture over others. However, I like Lutheranism and have always felt it was especially comforting in times of distress, illness, death or grief. Time after time in the Large Catechism the effort is to comfort the timid or troubled conscience. Luther was a great pastor as well as theologian and our faith isn't something light and airy, but something that can provide hope and comfort in the grit and mire of life. This book does an excellent job in showing how Luther applied theology to the problems of life, directing people to the certainty of God's grace and mercy through faith in Jesus Christ. Not a quick or easy read, but if you're like me, you'll find yourself underlining a lot of it.

eBook Martin Luther Preacher of the Cross

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