Cultural Studies, Education, and Youth

PDF-file by Benjamin Frymer

Cultural Studies, Education, and Youth PDF ebook download Cultural Studies, Education, and Youth: Beyond Schools, edited by Benjamin Frymer, Matthew Carlin, and John Broughton, addresses the new cultural landscapes which increasingly "educate" our youth. With essays from both emerging and established scholars, the book explores the ways media and popular culture have a growing impact on our youth, their identities, and everyday lives. In our highly mediated world, the nature of education has been dramatically transformed and taken way beyond the walls of our schools. Identities are formed, values learned, and relationships developed in the worlds of pop culture and media spaces. Each author brings a different lens to the study of education beyond the classroom. From the re-emergence of Che Guevara to the effects of an increasingly virtual culture, this collection critically attends to the changing nature of education and the impact of culture in the lives of youth. Cultural Studies, Education, and Youth: Beyond Schools raises significant questions and offers important insights for teachers, youth, scholars, and practitioners, alike.

eBook Cultural Studies, Education, and Youth

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