Think Smarter in a Digitally Enabled World

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Think Smarter in a Digitally Enabled World PDF ebook download For the first time in human history, each one of us now possesses access to all of the world's collective knowledge through the Internet.With easy-to-use smartphones, tablets, and apps, we are able to connect with, learn from, and be entertained by people around the globe, at any time and from anywhere.Yet, at the dawn of the 21st century, much of this capability is not being effectively utilized, and the constant stream of digital information and media is beginning to overwhelm our lives and lower our consciousness. Think Smarter in a Digitally Enabled World will show you how to reclaim control of your mind and take fuller advantage of the Web and other electronic innovations. By harnessing the missing ingredients of proactive thinking and leveraging the capability of both sides of our brain-the logical Left and the creative Right-you'll learn how to: Use technology and apps to manage information abundance and amplify your knowledge Implement leading decision-analysis tools and models to increase productivity and results Employ techniques such as mindfulness and meditation to lower stress, improve learning, and tap into the creative and intuitive parts of your mind Achieve your life goals by applying what cutting-edge scientists are saying about our true reality and the power of our thoughts to influence it This is an extremely exciting time to be alive-never has each individual had more opportunity to realize his or her potential. By embracing the methods and guidance in Think Smarter, you'll not only master the newest technologies, digital media, and the art of mindfully using the power of thought, but you'll elevate your capacity to contribute to the betterment of the entire world.

eBook Think Smarter in a Digitally Enabled World

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