Blood Curse (Blood Revelation, #1)

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Blood Curse (Blood Revelation, #1) PDF ebook download Blood Revelation Series, Book One: When Aria Michaels sets out to find the vampire who took her mother's life, she's stunned when she finds Rialto Renaldi, the vampire who has been haunting her dreams, instead. She hadn't believed he was real, and she knows she should run from Rialto as fast as she can. But who better to help her find her mother's killer? Rialto is reluctant to help the mortal woman who has invaded his dreams, even though he's curious about who she is and why she has this strange connection to him. He isn't, however, about to satisfy his curiosity. The last time he became involved with a mortal, he ended up destroying her. But he knows that if Aria searches for the killer on her own, she'll join her mother in death. Finally, Rialto agrees to help Aria, but the pair soon learns that fate brought them together for a much larger purpose, and fate has every intention of destroying them if they don't fulfill their roles in the Blood Revelation Prophecy.

eBook Blood Curse (Blood Revelation, #1)

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