Uncle John's Great Big Bathroom Reader

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Uncle John's Great Big Bathroom Reader PDF ebook download One of Uncle John’s all-time biggest sellers, Great Big is overflowing with everything our fans have come to expect: urban legends, forgotten history, myth-conceptions, business blunders, strange lawsuits, weird politics, amazing origins, dumb crooks, celebrity gossip, brain teasers, short facts, and more! Divided by length into short, medium, and long articles, Great Big is sure to be a hit with readers of all ages. A few standouts from these 460 pages:

The first computer programmers
Weird medical conditions
Brits Vs. Americans: a word quiz
Strange tourist attractions
The origin of the White House
The world’s second-dumbest outlaw
The Tonight Show story
The forgotten hero of flagpole sitting
Why popcorn pops
And much, much more!

eBook Uncle John's Great Big Bathroom Reader

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