Sick and Tired?

PDF-file by Robert O. Young

Sick and Tired? PDF ebook download I love this book and it’s juicy recipes! It’s not a fun read, but a healthy read. Would recommend to anyone with a chronic or acute disease. Many people fighting the grueling battle with cancer have found this book helpful, including my family and friends. It may be difficult drinking something that looks like grass at first, but don’t worry; it gets easier as your body adjusts to the life-saving and disease-fighting minerals and nutrients. According to my last Doctors visit, I am a perfectly healthy young woman. However, I still find the need to drink the cow/rabbit-approved juice every once in a while. Why? Because my diet isn’t perfect and I can’t say “NO” to junk food every day, I’m human. My opinions on health and treatment are neither completely organic nor pharmaceutical. I think it takes a healthy combination of both to maintain total body homeostasis!

Take it for what it's worth… but not as an end-all cure-all!

eBook Sick and Tired?

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