The Don't Sweat Guide for Graduates

PDF-file by Richard Carlson

The Don't Sweat Guide for Graduates PDF ebook download Some very valuable nuggets came out of this for me."Don't feel the need to defend your post graduation choice" and "don't be in a rush to live on your own" were good.Some things are obvious things that people may already know, but are nice to hear affirmed.
Being a recent graduate it has just affirmed me in what I already know, but as a human sometimes forget to believe.That is the reality that everything is going to be alright.Super-quick, easy read ( I finished in about 5 days reading casually and I don't think I'm above average pace for a reader)I'm a firm believer in chasing the dream, and this book has a chapter on that.If you have a dream job, chase it!The worst that happens is you take a risk and it sets you back, then eventually you get back to life as usual (at least then consolation comes in knowing you tried and not having to wonder). Worth the read if your stressing (or 'sweating) figuring out life after graduation!

eBook The Don't Sweat Guide for Graduates

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