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Ravaged PDF ebook download This New Adult Contemporary Romance novel is recommended for readers over the age of 17 due to strong language, graphic violence, and intense sexual situations. (novel-length 320 pages)

Hannah's used to giving all of herself and expecting nothing in return. Her career as nurse is thankless and unforgiving, her family is cold and distant, and her ex boyfriend Sloan is a violent and manipulative sociopath. After their breakup she's desperate to move on with her life, willing to do whatever it takes to distance herself from the bruises, fear, and pain of the abusive relationship.

The only way Hannah knows to cope is to absorb herself in work, she'll be less likely to give in to Sloan's constant advances if she has no time to herself. Things start to look up when she answers a craigslist ad for a private duty assignment to care for the dying mother of a very wealthy and powerful employer, Lukas Roth.

When Hannah shows up for her interview, Lukas realizes that he's made a mistake, he never meant to interview a nurse as young as her—there's no way she could relate to his elderly mother. But as the interview moves along he begins to see something special in Hannah, she's a genuinely beautiful person and she carries herself with a level of confidence and respect that's rare to find.

He can't deny his physical attraction to her and perhaps that worries him the most...It's been a long time since he let someone in. After his wife and children were brutally slaughtered in front of him, he vowed to never love another soul, to never be that vulnerable again. In his line of work, softness equals death.

He's learned that love is weakness and has no place in the heart of a man who's lost everything.

When Hannah takes the job, she and Lukas fall headfirst into a working relationship that quickly becomes less and less—professional. They each carry deep visceral wounds, damaged from the pain of past relationships and horrific tragedies, but neither can deny the intense physical attraction and yearning sexual desire building between them.

Can they each allow their own hearts to heal and let raw passion, desire, and love overcome? Will Hannah be able to accept Lukas for all of his flaws, his dark past and even darker present, or will his mysterious life be too disastrous to unravel?

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