Letters from Maine

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Letters from Maine PDF ebook download I'm not sure why I never read any of May Sarton's work.Sometimes I think because I'm from Maine, I disregard those poets also from Maine, thinking they're no good because how could they be?They're like me.(Ridiculous thinking, I know.)But when a library patron returned this book and highly recommended it, I figured I'd give it a shot.

I had no idea how much passion May Sarton had.I think of her as an old woman, but old women are just like all of us—-full of ideas and memories and in Sarton's case, passion.The poems, The Seed and A Farewell, were my favorites.Both a bit about mourning a love that was lost.

I would have given this 3.5 stars, but not quite four.There were a bunch of poems about winter that I didn't care for and one about dolphins dying that could have been quite poignant, but just made me roll my eyes.Yet nearly every poem Sarton wrote in this book about someone she loved, was beautiful or heartbreaking or breath-taking.Now I know why she is so well known.

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