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Tatsinda PDF ebook download "Once upon a time, far, far away at the top of the world, where it is always cold, there was a mountain that no one knew about except the people who lived on it." Thus begins this lovely fairy tale— full of endless delights, surprises, and adventures set in the kingdom of Tatrajan. All the animals in the kingdom had names that began with "ti," like the racing tidwell, prized by Tatran children. And all the people had names that began with "Ta," as well as white hair that glittered like snow crystals and greenish-blue eyes— all except Tatsinda. She had been brought into the kingdom as a tiny girl in the talons of an eagle that had flown through the wall of mist surrounding Tatrajan. Tatsinda had golden hair and brown eyes and was therefore pitied by some and scorned by many, though none could fail to admire her weaving, which was unsurpassed in all the land.
On the other side of the wall of mist lived a tribe of ugly, troll-like giants— the Gadblangs— who spent their lives greedily digging for greb, a precious metal. At length Johrgong, their leader, in search of more greb, discovered Tatrajan and, attracted by the color of Tatsinda's hair, seized her as hostage. How Prince Tackatan rescues Tatsinda and, with her help, rids the kingdom of Johrgong forever is the climax of this enchanting, original tale told by one of America's favorite authors in prose that sings and soars.
Irene Haas, an outstanding illustrator, has made magical pictures in exquisite full color and in delicate line that match the beauty of the story. Together, the author and artist have created a memorable and distinguished book.

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