Five Years Later

PDF-file by Henry M. Paulson Jr.

Five Years Later PDF ebook download This book seems to me an attempt to make the author’s actions during the financial meltdown more palatable to the average person. I guess you could say it’s his attempt at redemption. I can understand that and I guess it's what I expected. Honestly, he should have probably set the manuscript aside, let it simmer, and then rewrite it a couple of times which would have made for a more coherent whole.
Some of what I wanted to learn wasn't here in this prologue. I was kind of hoping to find out a little more in depth about what happened but I never really did. How did he know the banks were failing? Now, that is something that could be helpful to many. Most of it really isn’t anything new unless you hadn’t read any news stories in the last eight years.

eBook Five Years Later

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