On Bliss

PDF-file by K.S. Augustin

On Bliss PDF ebook download Hoara Felin thinks she's in love. The problem is, the man she's fallen in love with is forbidden to leave the planet. Plus, he's not quite a man... Sub-Commander Hoara Felin of the Republic Space Fleet has crash-landed on a planet. Her ship is inoperable, her shipmates are dead. The only thing that can make a bad situation worse is finding she has crashed on the notorious prison-planet of Bliss-a place condemned criminals are sent...and never leave. She finds an unexpected ally in Toh, a handsome and caring man who treats her injuries and hides her from those who would hold an officer of the Space Fleet for ransom. But, as Hoara is about to find out, Toh is keeping a terrifying secret of his own.

eBook On Bliss

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