The Mansions and the Shanties [Sobrados E Mucambos]

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The Mansions and the Shanties [Sobrados E Mucambos] PDF ebook download Gilberto de Mello Freyre (March 15, 1900 – July 18, 1987) was a Brazilian sociologist, anthropologist, historian, writer and congressman. His best-known work is a sociological treatise named Casa-Grande & Senzala (variously translated, but roughly The Masters and the Slaves, as on a traditional plantation). Two sequels followed, The Mansions and the Shanties: the making of modern Brazil and Order and Progress: Brazil from monarchy to republic. The trilogy is generally considered a classic of modern cultural anthropology and social history, although it is not without its critics.

eBook The Mansions and the Shanties [Sobrados E Mucambos]

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