Stewardship and the Creation

PDF-file by George B. Handley

Stewardship and the Creation PDF ebook download Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have much to contribute in meeting the increasing challenges of environmental degradation. To foster conversation and to improve our practices of earthly stewardship, the editors have gathered, in one volume, a wide variety of views on these important issues. Selected from an interdisciplinary symposium at Brigham Young University, the essays are intended to inspire members to consider carefully the nature of their own stewardship in caring for God's creations as well as to create dialogue and find common ground with those of other persuasions.

This compilation demonstrates that Latter-day Saint scriptures and teachings provide a consistent picture of human beings as stewards accountable before God for the use and care of His creations. The book reaffirms and develops further what previous examinations of our theology and history have repeatedly demonstrated: our religion offers a vital perspective on, and a foundation for, effective environmental stewardship that encompasses the best impulses of both liberal generosity and conservative restraint.

eBook Stewardship and the Creation

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