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Michael Phelps is arguably the best Olympic Swimmer in history. However, in the shadows of Michael Phelps, is the next up and coming American swimming superstar. Ryan Lochte has challenged Phelps in more than one way. He proves a constant threat to Phelps and to other Olympic swimmers. His slow rise to success came from hard work and perseverance. Looking towards to the Olympics in 2016, he will be a force to be reckoned with.

Come and find out Ryan Lochte's character, personality, virtues, and principles in life. His lessons will teach us about success in both swimming and in life.

Here's a Preview of What You Will Learn

* Being the "other" swimming great
* His opinions on his own show "What would Ryan Lochte do"
* Ryan Lochte, the class clown growing up?
* Why did he chose swimming?
* His routine for the Olympics
* Ryan's mentors in life
* Ryan's Lessons for success
* and much much more


Comments From Other Readers

"Now that Phelps has retired, Lochte is the next one to step up. After reading this book, I really feel that Lochte has all the right tools to beat Phelps to become the next swimming great." - Jessica M. (London, UK)

"Being the underdog from Phelps, everyone looked down on him. That sort of pressure is difficult for anyone. Reading this book gave me a whole new perspective of Lochte and his life." - Roger D. (Toronto, Canada)

"This book got me really excited about watching Ryan Lochte in the 2016 Rio Olympic games!" - Mika Zimmerman (San Diego, USA)

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