China Nights

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China Nights PDF ebook download In China Nights, surgical nurse, Katie O'Farrell enters a strange, exotic world when she follows the man she loves to China.She is shocked and disillusioned when she discovers he is married.Unable to face her family at home, she decides to remain in China and work with a missionary group.When the Japanese invade China, Katie faces undreamed-of dangers.In Nanking she takes on the task of leading a group of Chinese orphans to safety.On this journey she is reunited with Jim Austin.He is a Flying Tiger who has been shot down and is masquerading as a priest.On their perilous journey to safety, love comes again to Katie.

Eventually Katie is forced to go to Hong Kong with her adopted daughter.When the Japanese invade the British Colony in 1941, they are sent to a Japanese camp.Katie and her daughter escape the camp to cross China alone.

The character of Katie O'Farrell is based on a composite of two nurses who did in reality escape Stanley Camp and walk to freedom in Burma.Real characters and historic incidents pepper this exciting World War II story.

Author Bio: Husband and wife team, Janet Rosenstock and Dennis Adair published their first book, the Novelization of Riel, in 1979, followed by The Fire, the Sword and the Devil, and Avon Books historic romantic series Kanata.Their pen name Joyce Carlow was created with the release of Emerald's Hope.Janet and Dennis are avid travelers who venture to Europe now and again, and as full-time RVers travel through the United States and Canada.Look for them on the open road; their fifth wheel bears the sign "Read a Joyce Carlow lately?"

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