The New View Over Atlantis

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The New View Over Atlantis PDF ebook download John Michell's highly controversial "The View Over Atlantis" was first published in 1969. This unrivaled introduction to megalithic science, earth mysteries, and sacred geometry was expanded and updated in "The New View Over Atlantis" in 1983. Now available in a fresh new package this classic, seminal work offers an impressive body of evidence and arguments to support the theory that at one time, many thousands of years ago, there was a worldwide, highly sophisticated civilization that Plato referred to as Atlantis. Michell, one of the premier esoteric writers of the 20th century, reveals that ancient stone monuments and earthworks found around the globe are not randomly strewn, but are a well-executed system of psychic centers connected worldwide and used by the people of Atlantis. Michell also demonstrates the significant modern discovery of "leys," a mysterious network of straight lines that link the ancient places around the world. He carefully and thoroughly documents the research that points to these ancient sites as places of high magic.

eBook The New View Over Atlantis

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