Piano Hutan Vol. 1

PDF-file by Isshiki Makoto

Piano Hutan Vol. 1 PDF ebook download I have never this excited again for reading a music genre manga. more over this is about a pianist which I often found it boring after several early chapters.

take a glimpse of what it like here:

Ichinose Kai, an elementary school boy, born to this world without knowing who is his father. With a mother living as a prostitute and being brought up in a junk neighborhood, playing an abandoned piano in a nearby forest is his only refugee. This piano no mori silently guiding him to open a broken-hearted-once-a-world-class pianist eyes and helping him to open his own eyes too.

unlikely dialogs mixed with several quite rude words, simple childish-look drawings, piano no mori is a music for your eyes.

eBook Piano Hutan Vol. 1

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