Spelled (Sayers Witch Series, #1)

PDF-file by Kate St. Clair

Spelled (Sayers Witch Series, #1) PDF ebook download Magic runs thicker than blood.

Misfortune seems to follow the Sayers family. Georgia has tried endlessly to reestablish normality since her mother died, and she's no closer from escaping her strange past when a mysterious fire destroys the only other high school in her tiny Texas town. Georgia is thrown into the company of Luke, a cryptic senior who brings her face to face with the truth about her heritage. Her loving, perfect mother created her family for the singular purpose of birthing five of the most powerful witches in the world, capable of terrifying magic. Now that she knows the truth, can Georgia keep her siblings safe?

Who is behind the dark cult that's after her family? And does Luke know more about her powers than even she does?

eBook Spelled (Sayers Witch Series, #1)

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