What the Rest of Us Can Learn from Homeschooling

PDF-file by Linda Dobson

What the Rest of Us Can Learn from Homeschooling PDF ebook download Now, traditionally schooled children can reap the same benefits as homeschooled children.

This essential book for all parents and teachers offers practical ways to nurture individual growth, foster high self-esteem, and ensure academic success for every child, regardless of age, type of school, or religious background. Readers will discover what homeschoolers quickly find out—that life can be one big adventurous educational opportunity, even for kids who attend conventional schools. Inside, readers explore:

• The six principles of successful learning: curiosity, fun in learning, desire for success (not fear of failure), practice (not study), applying learned material to life, and intrinsic motivation
• How to put the "child" back into childhood by providing children with the opportunity to perform fun activities that enhance their abilities
• Why the community is a child's best classroom, and how to take advantage of it
• How to discover and honor a child's unique learning style and encourage his or her teacher to develop it
• And much, much more

Homeschooling is changing the face of education, and now parents and teachers can effectively use its principles and techniques to develop brighter and happier children.

eBook What the Rest of Us Can Learn from Homeschooling

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